Guest Spotlight: Winemaker Steve Matthiasson

Posted: March 5th, 2018

Guest Spotlight: Winemaker Steve Matthiasson
Steve Matthiasson

Steve Matthiasson:
Winemaker of the Year: “San Francisco Chronicle” and “Food & Wine Magazine”

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Steve on Cycling

I watched the movie Breaking Away as a kid and bought a used road bike with paper route money. I grew up in Tuscon, which is a great cycling town. After hurting my knee skateboarding, I went to cycling as my main sport and branched out into mountain biking to replace the adrenaline of skateboarding. After college, I worked for three years as a bike messenger in San Francisco.

We are fortunate to live next to Dry Creek Road—world class cycling with minimal traffic, so I ride it once or twice a week for exercise and mental clarity. Mountain biking in Skyline Park happens when I have a free morning, not often enough, so it’s always a fun adventure to make it out onto a trail.

Steve on Food & Wine

A 1970s cycling book from France had a section on “performance food” with roasted chicken, salad, brie, and white wine… it made the connection between healthy eating, digestion, and our bodies. I began making the recipes in high school and it started me on a path that I am still exploring 30 years later. That mindset of healthy and delicious food made from real ingredients is one of the reasons that our wine is from mostly organic grapes, is moderate in alcohol, and has minimal additives.

The European connection can’t be denied—the lifestyle of food, wine/beer, and cycling. It’s such a tradition. But, cycling, more than any other sport, also puts an emphasis on the “machinery” of our bodies and how what we put into ourselves translates into how we perform.

Steve’s Favorite Post Ride Meal

First a pilsner beer and some cheese, then something hearty, like a lamb stew with red wine. One of the great things about cycling is the ability it gives you to chow down.

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