Ted’s Tips: Find Your Adventure

Yogi Berra was a hall of fame baseball player, although he could have been a cyclist with his insightful quote, "when you come to a fork in the road, take it!" Heeding that advice, veer from your norm and explore a new road. Don’t be afraid to rally on some dirt, hop a root or duck a fence to get there. Sure you might get lost, but that's part of the adventure. Plus, to borrow another Yogi'ism, no matter where…

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Ted’s Tips: Spin it, to win it

Probably 90% of the time I see people lumbering around in an all too massive gear. Your efficiency will skyrocket if you start pedaling north of 85rpm, as opposed to 50-60rpm which I see painfully too often. Drop a gear, increase those pedal strokes, and think of yourself like a hummingbird flying up a mountain. Napa has some steep climbs; entering this into your typical riding format will make them pass like a breeze… or at least slightly less painfully.…

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Ted’s Tips: Join a Group

Dovetailing off my tip from last week, this week's tip is to ride in groups. This will allow you to experience the vast array of bike riding talents and abilities, you’ll experience fast groups and slow, you’ll learn the lingo and glean some handy tips, you’ll meet new people, be challenged, and soak in a lot more fun as opposed to purely staring at a computer screen in your cold, dark basement on the trainer. The best part of riding in…

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Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Bike!

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the bicycle. We think that’s more than a good reason to raise a glass and celebrate! WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF™ is solely dedicated to mobilizing people through the power of the bike. They are committed to helping people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive. We invite you to this incredibly special early evening benefit mixer for WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF™ presented by Tourissimo and supported by Keller Williams Realty and the esteemed Flora…

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Ted’s Tips: Is your bike as happy as your legs?

Visit your local bike shop. A well tuned bike is a happy bike and a happy bike is a fast bike. A creaky bottom bracket or wobbly out of true wheel is distracting and detracting, meanwhile when things are in fine-tuned order, training becomes more efficient and a lot more enjoyable. Having a bike that responds to your inputs makes your job as a rider that much easier too. If you're constantly worrying about issues with your machine, it will detract…

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Ted’s Tips: Want to ride faster?

Cycling is a sport that rewards those who log time on the bike. There’s no getting around it, if you want to ride faster, you need to ride more. For 99% of people who ride bikes for the enjoyment and health, increasing your fitness is one way to enhance your experience in the saddle. By spending more hours in the saddle, your body will adapt and your endurance will build. Once you have a solid base of training miles in…

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Ted’s Tips: Descending Like A Pro

Take a look around you. Descending upon Napa in just a few weeks, you'll be riding some of the most iconic roads in the United States. Similar to tip numero uno, practice your bike handling skills so that the simple act of taking in your surroundings isn’t just more enjoyable, but it’s part of your routine. Specifically, rather than being white knuckled staring at the road 25 feet in front of you, gaze 250 feet up the road so that…

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Ted’s Tips: Fuel Properly

This week, we bring you a tip from Ted King that will keep you going even on the longest of rides! There’s no shortage of exquisite food (and wine) in Napa Valley and there’s no reason to avoid them when riding. But don’t choke down the latest rabbit chow energy food purely because your riding buddies or glossy magazines say it’s the latest and greatest. Relying on real foods—ones where you can pronounce the ingredients and inherently know their macro…

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5 Reasons to Bring a Friend

1. With so many rides options to choose from, you need your friends advice to decide! We've got rides for the fast ones of the group, the dirt-loving mountain bikers, the climbers and everyone in-between. For non-cyclists of the group, there will be yoga and hiking options available. CampoVelo quite literally has everyone covered! 2. Post-ride lunch stories with a beer or glass of wine are always better with friends. Our mountain bike ride with Joel Gott from Gott's Roadside…

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VIP Guest Profile: Bob Roll

A Bay Area, California native, Bob Roll is a former professional cyclist and current cycling sports commentator with NBC Sports Network. Most recently, he is known for his enthusiastic announcing of some of the most iconic bike races around the world – the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Paris-Roubax and Tour of California. As a racer, he is most remembered for his success in the now defunct Coors Classic as well as serving in a domestique role for Andy Hampsten…

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Inaugural CampoVelo Napa Valley

Inaugural CampoVelo Napa Valley presented by Lexus with Three Days of World-Class Cycling, Cuisine and Libations, April 28–30th, 2017 St. Helena, Calif. – Chef Chris Cosentino’s unique recipe for a perfect Napa weekend is ready to serve: announcing CampoVelo Napa Valley presented by Lexus, a three-day event combining unforgettable cycling, incredible food and exceptional libations. With the brand new Las Alcobas Hotel and his Acacia House restaurant in Saint Helena serving as home base, CampoVelo Napa Valley is set to…

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VIP Guest Profile: Lentine Alexis

Lentine Alexis is a curious, classically trained chef and former pro athlete who uses the bicycle, travel experiences and organic ingredients to inspire athletes and everyone to explore, connect and expand their human experiences through food.   Before becoming a chef, she spent nine years as a professional endurance triathlete and yoga instructor, living in Asia, Europe and the United States cultivating a career in international diplomacy. As she found herself in foreign environments, she also encountered foreign definitions of…

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VIP Guest Profile: Gary Erickson

Named after his father Clifford Erickson and conceived nearly 30 years ago on a 175-mile bike ride, the original Clif Bar was crafted in Gary’s mother’s kitchen and bred from the years he spent cooking with his Greek grandmother, Kaliopi. A family inspired business that Gary has kept true to his roots since day one. With an rock climbing image a friend sketched on a paper napkin from a dinner in San Francisco, to the 1991 Interbike debut of Clif…

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VIP Guest Profile: Lucas Euser

As a #NapaValley local, no one knows the roads of the area better than former professional cyclist and current Performance Sports Marketing Coordinator at CLIF Bar, Lucas Euser. Having spent a decade in the pro peloton, Lucas is now pursuing a career on the other side of the table - albeit with plenty of time still in the saddle. Receiving the 2014 Jack Kelly Fair Play Award from the USA Olympics committee marked the pinnacle of his professional racing career…

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VIP Guest Profile: Ted King

Born and raised in New Hampshire, former professional cyclist Ted King is a recent Bay Area transplant and co-founder of the the maple syrup sports nutrition company UnTapped. After graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont with a degree in economics, King decided to pursue professional road racing, spending the last five years of his career with Cannondale Pro Cycling. Infamous in the American cycling scene for his controversial disqualification from the 2013 Le Tour de France following the Stage 4…

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Profile: Chefs Cycle & No Kid Hungry

One in five children in the United States will go hungry this year, a staggering number. Chefs Cycle is a fundraising cycling event with award-winning chefs and members of the culinary community from across the world fighting childhood hunger outside the kitchen. For the past three years culinary masters pushed their physical limits by conquering 300-miles of rides, while raising funds and bringing awareness in No Kid Hungry via Chefs Cycle. In May 2017 Chefs Cycle descends upon Northern California…

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